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Still Not Inevitable (Or Electable)

So, Rino Romney – or “Mittens,” as some have called him – has won another state. Bully for him – but it means little. He couldn’t even break past 40% of the vote this time. Many pundits have cried loud and … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Debate Results

Not surprisingly, the top three in the debate will also be the top three in the NH primary on Tuesday: Santorum, Gingrich, Romney (in no particular order). Perry will take 4th while Paul and Huntsman battle it out over who … Continue reading

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Something for Everyone . . . A Liveblog Tonight!

I will be attempting to do my second liveblog tonight on the GOP debate hosted by CBS. Coverage will begin around 5 pm tonight. Also wanted to give a big hello to this blog’s first subscriber! Thanks for joining!

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Sarah Palin’s Time to Shake up the GOP

Interesting read at Michelle Malkin’s today “Palin Befuddles GOP Status Quo Machine.” I comment on it at #144 on the post, responding to another person who doesn’t feel that Sarah Palin owes anything to John McCain. I disagree wholeheartedly with … Continue reading

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