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Activity on Twitter

It’s no surprise that I, like a great many other bloggers, have a twitter account. You can even see the feed in the bottom right of this site. I have been really active this week, however, and I decided to repost … Continue reading

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Phil Jennerjahn Doesn’t Get It . . . Again

Anyone who’s read Los Angeles area blogs has heard of Phil Jennerjahn. He is a relentless self-promotionalist for himself as a congressional candidate. A good quality for a candidate, but not necessarily one that fits Phil in his time blogging. … Continue reading

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Roots of the Nation: The Federalist Papers 62 (Ascribed to Hamilton or Madison)

To the People of the State of New York: HAVING examined the constitution of the House of Representatives, and answered such of the objections against it as seemed to merit notice, I enter next on the examination of the Senate. The … Continue reading

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Closer to the Rule of Man and Away From the Rule of Law

“King” Obama has gotten his wish: His crony-led Justice Department – the same one that has lied repeatedly over the Fast and Furious guns-to-Mexican drug cartels and resulted in the deaths of American Border Agents – has released an opinion … Continue reading

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Even HuffPo Democrats Don’t Understand They Caused The Budget Mess

Here’s my comment, just posted at HuffPo/AOL in reaction to a story that other were commenting upon. So what’s all the crying and gnashing of teeth by Democrats about? They’ve got exactly what they sowed by not putting together a … Continue reading

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How Long Until Day 1095?

This is a key question in the budget/debt ceiling/deficit debates for that will signal the end of the third year that Democrats have not put forth a budget while shooting down all Republican attempts to deal with the crisis. Democrats … Continue reading

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Weiner’s Problems . . . er, Mount Up (bad phrasing, I know) – Update

Rep. Anthony “The Whiner” Weiner continues to have problems. He gave his press conference on Monday where he admitted to the incident that was originally claimed to be hacking. Nancy Pelosi called for an Ethics Committee investigation. Tuesday came the news … Continue reading

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Obama’s Budget A Complete Washout

After more than 750 days without passing a budget, the Democrats proved they still haven’t got what it takes to pass one – not even when it’s from the leader of their party! On a vote of 0 yeas and … Continue reading

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