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History Repeats

Recently I started to read Churchill’s The World Crisis, his history of the First World War and the events that led to it. Readers may wonder why I bring this up. In the first chapter, which describes historical events from … Continue reading

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Obama DOES Own This Operation

I have decided that President Obama’s air strikes operation, which is still being refused a name by The Won and the White House, does deserve a name. That name should be Operation Nameless. Think about it. The president and the … Continue reading

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In Remembrance of 9/11

“Lord God Of Hosts, Be With Us Yet, Lest We Forget, Lest We Forget” We should never forget how cravenly we were attacked 13 years ago. That the people who attacked us were Islamic radicals and extremists. That their war … Continue reading

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Activity on Twitter

It’s no surprise that I, like a great many other bloggers, have a twitter account. You can even see the feed in the bottom right of this site. I have been really active this week, however, and I decided to repost … Continue reading

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Final Day Obamacare Hearings

For the final day, there are two audio links here and here. Now it’s up to the Supreme Court to decide what happens next – and the voters will decide what happens after that if it is upheld. The only … Continue reading

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President Obama Dictates to Israel . . . Again

Word is coming out now that President Obama is willing to give Israel some so-called “bunker-buster” bombs, but only if they don’t attack Iran until the end of 2012. Although such a deal is being denied by Jay Carney, the … Continue reading

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Still Not Inevitable (Or Electable)

So, Rino Romney – or “Mittens,” as some have called him – has won another state. Bully for him – but it means little. He couldn’t even break past 40% of the vote this time. Many pundits have cried loud and … Continue reading

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On Contraception – Updated 3/3/12 at 11:33 PM PST

I’ve been looking for a way to best express how I feel about this issue since President Obama first put his foot in his mouth over the matter and offended, well, quite a lot of people aside from the Catholic … Continue reading

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RINO Romney Wins Big – Or Did He?

According to all the pundits seen on the various channels around the country, you would be tempted to believe once again in “Mittens” Romney’s inevitable electability. There are very few people who, as I do, think that he can (hopefully!) … Continue reading

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Algae ‘Gas.’ Really?

I am all for seeking out and finding alternative energy. I am also for taking the time to do it properly with rigorous testing so that the technology can prove out. To date, there have been too many rushes to … Continue reading

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