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What’s the Surprise Here?

Devin Dwyer notes at ABC: At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America. “The one thing that … Continue reading

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CR and Budget Fallout – My View

It’s not a surprise that people have attacked Speaker Boehner’s attempt to solve the budget crisis. Almost from the start there were critics of what he was trying to do on both sides of the political spectrum. As more and more details … Continue reading

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Democratic Demagoguery Delight; Republican Risky Resolution

Like many others, both in the blogosphere and out, I have followed the budget mess since the Democrats in Congress refused to give the government a budget before the end of the previous Congress. Since the Republicans took charge, there have been … Continue reading

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IRS Seeking to Boost Obama’s Employment Figures

You would think the IRS would have enough problems just looking for the estimated 16,000 workers to help them implement the tax reporting provisions of Obamacare and you would be wrong. In one of the more idiotic moves of the IRS has ever … Continue reading

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Obama’s Problem with Time and Facts

Earlier today, President Barack Obama once again tried to lay the problems of the Democrats upon former President George W. Bush. Once again, however, Obama got it wrong. The linchpin to what went wrong with the economy, primarily with the … Continue reading

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He Shoots, He Scores ShoreBank!

In today’s piece of Obama Chicaganery, we have the saving of ShoreBank by an outfit called Urban Bank Partnerships. There’s an interesting problem here though. As Michelle Malkin notes: “Who is “Urban Partnership Bank?” This press release lists officials with ShoreBank e-mail … Continue reading

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Ben Stein Takes on the Unemployed

Aaron Crowe had an interesting piece at AOL’s WalletPop today and totally drew the wrong conclusions from it. Had Mr. Stein said all or most unemployed people were lazy or didn’t like to work, Crowe might have had a point. But … Continue reading

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