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Did You Vote Today? A Roots of the Nation story.

I did because my vote always counts, whether or not I am on the winning side of that vote. If I don’t vote, I can’t complain about the result. Everyone who votes are ultimately the Roots of the Nation. How did you vote? Look for … Continue reading

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Activity on Twitter

It’s no surprise that I, like a great many other bloggers, have a twitter account. You can even see the feed in the bottom right of this site. I have been really active this week, however, and I decided to repost … Continue reading

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Algae ‘Gas.’ Really?

I am all for seeking out and finding alternative energy. I am also for taking the time to do it properly with rigorous testing so that the technology can prove out. To date, there have been too many rushes to … Continue reading

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: The Movie

After seeing this post at Michelle Malkin’s site today, I came to the conclusion that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz must think she lives in a movie. Only in a movie do people act as though everything they do is the way everyone must behave … Continue reading

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Fact Checking Al Sharpton and the Democrats on Fair Taxes

I was watching a video from Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show on Breitbart TV about the Democrat talking point of having millionaires and billionaires needing to pay their fair share (never mind how this would affect other people who don’t make as much) … Continue reading

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Very Annoying

What I mean by my title is the constant attacks by liberals and conservatives on Newt. I know that the Democrats and the MSM want Rino Romney for their handpicked candidate, but conservatives really should know better. Those of us … Continue reading

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Newt is Vindicated by CNN video – Take THAT Rino Romney!

The RINO known as Mitt Romney really must have an awful campaign staff. He keeps going out on this limb that Newt is a failed leader because of the ethics “investigation” he was forced to undergo because of Washington establishment politicos (of … Continue reading

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The Real Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

I was reading Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor blog and he referenced the show “Firefly” and its feature film closing, “Serenity.” I followed his link to the blog Paul in Houston and found what could be a very real definition of … Continue reading

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Not Always a Fire – Update

So someone has finally come forward with actual allegations against Herman Cain. Fine. Maybe now we can all move past this time of almost Jerry Springer style theatrics. Might even be Maury Povich style. Because that is all it is, theatrics, … Continue reading

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The Obama Zombie E-mail

It’s not often that I find myself in a position where I have to pass along a link to a Huff Post story but this is one. The story is about the Virginia – and I hope all other central … Continue reading

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