Born in New Jersey in 1957, primarily raised in Rumson, but spent some of my early years in Westfield on Clark Street, IIRC. Attended Dean Porter Elementary in Rumson, Carson Long Military, Hoosac and Rumson-Fair Haven High School. Tended to be a lackluster student.

After graduation, spent 3 years in the Army. Based at Fort Ord in California. After Army life, I moved to Los Angeles and was homeless. I worked and lived at two different missions and their view of how to help the homeless couldn’t have been more different.

Spent about 9 years at Liberty Mutual Insurance as a mail room and stock clerk. Spent 8 years working at a market research firm that dealt exclusively with movies, adding tv shows during my last two years there – we tested the first series of Temptation Island!

Married Juana Garcia Lat in 1994 and our son David Crowley III was born in 2001.

I was put into unemployment in 2002 and spent the next several years taking care of my college studies and caring for my son – my wife works nights and sleeps days. Since 2007 I have followed politics and ran for Congress against Diane Watson in 2008. I ran again in 2010, but was defeated in the primary by a person who didn’t bother to run a general election campaign.

This is my first time doing a blog, but don’t expect something every day.

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