Megyn Kelly and Others are WRONG about Bill Clinton

Megyn Kelly has let her distaste for Donald Trump show one time too many for me to stomach. I had been determined not to post anything in this election cycle and to let “talking heads” have their way. On the night of October 25, 2016, that changed.

In the midst of what became a contentious debate between Megyn and former Speaker Newt Gingrich over Bill Clinton, She repeated a meme I’ve been hearing way too often during the past few weeks – that Bill Clinton is not running for office. To put it bluntly, this shows a naivete that is shocking for someone as seasoned as her. At its worst, it shows just how much she dislikes Mr. Trump. And this came after Megyn tried to insist that poll numbers were (somehow) more accurate than actual voting numbers

The exchange had been going fine until Newt brought up the fact that if Hillary Clinton wins the election then Bill Clinton moves into the East Wing (long the domain of presidential wives). The response from Megyn brought up the standard meme of ‘Bill Clinton isn’t running for President’. The debate get testy between the two of them after that with Newt challenging Megyn to call Bill Clinton a sexual predator, based upon his past actions, and her refusal to do so. They did not end the debate on amiable terms.

And here is my problem: no one can be so naïve as to believe that because a spouse isn’t running for this high an elected office that they will have no influence on it. Hillary in the 1990s tried to get the Democratic idea of Healthcare Reform – actually having the government create it as an entitlement known as ‘single-payer’ – passed by Congress. To add fuel to this is the fact that Bill, acknowledged as a sexual predator by any objective person, will be able to indulge his sexual appetite in the White House once again. Surely that is reason enough to keep him and Hillary out of the building!

There are many reasons (real and imagined) for people not to vote for a candidate this time around. But to say that a former president who is married to a current candidate isn’t running ignores the influence Bill Clinton will have, both political and sexual, upon a second Clinton White House. Megyn Kelly should acknowledge how wrong she was in this instance and the disservice she is doing to women that will be in the reach of Bill Clinton.

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