Did You Vote Today? A Roots of the Nation story.

I did because my vote always counts, whether or not I am on the winning side of that vote. If I don’t vote, I can’t complain about the result. Everyone who votes are ultimately the Roots of the Nation. How did you vote? Look for results in another blog post later tonight.

My votes here in California:

Gov: Neel Kashkari

Lt. Gov: Ron Nehring

Sec. of State: Pete Peterson

Controller: Ashley Swearengin

Treas: Greg Conlon

Atty. Gen.: Ronald Gold

Insurance Commissioner: Ted Gaines

St. Super. of Public Instruction: Marshall Tuck

St. Brd of Equalization: G. Rick Marshall

State Supreme Court: No to all

State Court of Appeal: No to all

Superior Court Judges: Yes to prosecutors seeking to become judges

Los Angeles Assessor: John Morris

Sheriff: Jim McDonnell

U. S. Representative: R. Adam King

State Assembly Member: Glen Ratcliff

State Senator: Isidro Armenta

Prop 1: No

Prop 2: No

Both of the above were strongly supported by Gov. Jerry Brown and is reason enough to reject

Prop 45: No

Prop 46: No

Prop 47: No

Prop 48: No

Measure P: No

So, again, how did you vote?

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