In Remembrance of 9/11

“Lord God Of Hosts,

Be With Us Yet,

Lest We Forget,

Lest We Forget”

We should never forget how cravenly we were attacked 13 years ago. That the people who attacked us were Islamic radicals and extremists. That their war on us is never-ending. And that our response to them should be their complete and utter annihilation. Not of mainstream Islam, but of its attacking radicals and extremists. Mainstream Islam, however, has this strange, continuing reluctance to even say one thing against their crazed cousins. It is well past time they shake off this reluctance.

President Obama has finally ordered some military action against ISIS/ISIL, but again, like every other time the Campaigner-Against-Military-Force-in-Chief speaks about the use of force to protect the country, he appears to believe that less is more. This may be due more to the life lessons he didn’t learn such as that if you want to be a credible threat to evil in this world then you need a corresponding sized military to go with being such a force; you don’t downsize to pre-WWII levels when you keep fighting threats. “Speak softly and carry a big stick” is still the best way this has ever been phrased. If only our Campaigner-in-Chief would take it to heart, but given his upbringing it is doubtful that he was ever allowed an opposing viewpoint until it was too late in his education to think in any way other than he does. I hold his mother and his grandparents in contempt for this because they didn’t challenge his world view. Why would they? It accorded perfectly with their own.

The younger President Bush, and Mitt Romney, in contrast, are now seen, by people whose brains have not fossilized, as remarkably prescient in foreseeing what has now come to pass in our fight against terrorism. Yet the Left continues to treat them as pariahs to America when it is the Left’s own attitude in sticking its head in the sand and quailing at any thought of conflict, other than ensuring that they get to be the only ones allowed to speak, that constantly and continually puts this nation at risk of attack.

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