My Schedule for Today

This is a rare break for me today. I have nowhere I need or want to be and so will spend the day with my wife and son watching patriotic movies on TCM. We will start the day with “1776,” though not on TCM – I have it on DVD and will watch it that way. It’s almost as complete as the laserdisc version which I have as well. The only major difference is in the first song John Adams sings by himself. Both the DVD and the TCM versions have a cut version of the song while the LD has the complete version of the song similar to how it was sung in the stage musical.

We’ll probably pause for a lunch of hot dogs and a call to my mother to wish her a happy 4th. Afterwards we will watch James Cagney in “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” and Gary Cooper in “Sgt. York.” Later in the evening we will go to a nearby park to watch fireworks.

It’s been hectic these past six weeks since my wife suffered an incident with her leg that was at first thought to be a torn hamstring, but now appears to be a moderate meniscus tear in her right knee. This basically causes the muscles in her leg to basically just shut down to prevent further injury to the leg.

The conditions for this started back in April, on the 9th, when she mentioned to her primary care physician that she was feeling some pain in the right leg. The doctor apparently did not hear her say this. Fast forward to May 17. As she was walking across the street, after leaving her job, in order to catch a bus home, her right leg gave out. She was able to call me and I arrive in a cab to take her to emergency at the hospital. They think it’s a possible torn hamstring and she is given a week off from work. After having an MRI taken of the leg, it becomes obvious there is no hamstring tear. She sees her primary care doctor who gives her until the 23rd of June off and we are then referred to Physical Medicine and an Ortho specialist. Ortho says it might be a meniscus tear and gives her a cortisone shot to help with it. Ortho sends us on to Physical Therapy. After seeing her primary care doctor again on June 23, she was put on off-work status until July 31. So we are now waiting for State Disability to kick in as her own pay, PTO/Vacation and Sick Leave have all been utilized and exhausted.

I have been at home most of this time, except for grocery runs and other needful tasks, to ensure that she follows the schedule for exercising her leg. During the first month, it lost a lot of its tone and muscle mass. As Ortho may still do a more thorough exam of her right knee (and the meniscus), more muscle needs to be present, and in good shape, before they do any kind of procedure.

I just we don’t have any trouble with her workplace the way her sister did when she got breast cancer (get a mammogram today!) and was fired by her work after 12 weeks of absence – as she’s undergoing chemo. We contacted her union – I’m not a big fan of unions, but this is one of their needed duties; protecting the rights of workers – and they were able to ensure that her job was kept available due to the Americans With Disabilities Act.

I’m hoping the same situation doesn’t arise with my wife as she may need more months of therapy if they do an operation, something she is dreading. She doesn’t want to lose her job; she’s really good at it and serves as a standard for all the other workers there.

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