Obamacare Nightmare #1,298: Unenrolling

A CBS station in Tampa, Florida, is reporting that it can be just as hard to get out of Obamacare as it was to join it! Melissa Battles (a very appropriate name in this case) told the local affiliate, WOFL, that she had originally signed up on HealthCare.gov for a policy that would cover her and her autistic son. That would be a fine story for the Affordable Care Act IF that was where the story ended,

Unfortunately there is more and it should certainly make one re-think about enrolling. After she signed up and paid for her Obamacare insurance policy, Melissa got a full-time job and that was the cause of her problem: Her new job also came with its own healthcare plan. Like any body with a working brain, Melissa did not want to pay money to two health insurance plans. So she decided to get rid of her Obamacare plan, presumably because the job’s healthcare plan was a better deal – the article at WOFL’s website does not say if this is the reason or not, but it is a reasonable and logical supposition.

Only she couldn’t get out of Obamacare. Trying to get out of it has become like a second full-time job. As she puts it in the article:

“The first person I spoke with after being on hold for 49 minutes couldn’t do anything and they had to refer me to a specialist, who still couldn’t do anything,” Battles said. “They had to refer me to an event resolution center. There was no email address, there’s no direct number to the event resolution center, only the main 800 number. And there’s no mailing address to file any type of grievance or complaint about how it’s handled.”

She ended up paying for two healthcare plans before she could finally get untangled from the government’s ‘perfect’ insurance plans. Which sort of begs the question: How could Obama’s Administration not put in a way to unenroll from its insurance plans? Is this the fault of not thinking ahead (okay, that one’s a gimme) ? Is this the “fault” of Secretary Sebelius, again? Is this just worse than normal government incompetence – something we seem to see all the time in the Obama Administration – again?

For the full story from WOFL, go here.


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