End of a Cycle – New One Begins in July

After 2 years and almost 7 months, the cycle of Roots of the Nation has come to an end. It started out as just another website doing an annual page with the Declaration of Independence. I was then struck by the thought that a lot of websites do this, but hardly any do the Constitution of the United States as well. Almost none, outside of Congress, do the Federalist Papers, and thus the idea for a series was born. I decided it would be called “Roots of the Nation” since all the articles involved would concern the foundation of the United States government. After all this time, it is good to have finished the first cycle of our “Roots.” The nest runthrough of this series, and hopefully a quicker one, will start on July 4th with the Declaration beginning the cycle all over again. There will, however, be an addition to the cycle.

In addition to the Declaration, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, I have decided to also include the barely remembered Articles of Confederation. It is important, I think, to see the original form of our government as well as the one the Founding Fathers cobbled together and that has kept us as (mostly) one nation through the 225 years since it went into effect on March 4, 1789.

There will be one further note to go along with all this. The Articles will be published over a minimum of 8 posts and each post will also include the name of one of the Presidents who governed our budding nation before George Washington became the first President under the Constitution.

In the meantime, I will be doing some additional volunteer work for my son’s school as election official for the parent board elections taking place in two months. After that, it will be clear sailing until the school’s annual Scholastic Book Fair for which I am the Parent Chair. This will be my third time as Chair and having overseen a 25% increase in sales during the previous two years I will be very happy if we can just hold steady.

I will also finally get back to giving my opinion on various news items that I see. It may be political or it may just be an item I think might be of interest, as you will see in the next post.


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