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Obamacare Nightmare #1,298: Unenrolling

A CBS station in Tampa, Florida, is reporting that it can be just as hard to get out of Obamacare as it was to join it! Melissa Battles (a very appropriate name in this case) told the local affiliate, WOFL, … Continue reading

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Lost Boris Karloff Film is Found! 15 Chapter Serial to be Restored.

In 1921, William Henry Pratt, later known as Boris Karloff, was a silent film actor who had just landed his major role. It was in a 15-chapter serial called “The Hope Diamond Mystery.” The serial was very unusual in that its … Continue reading

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End of a Cycle – New One Begins in July

After 2 years and almost 7 months, the cycle of Roots of the Nation has come to an end. It started out as just another website doing an annual page with the Declaration of Independence. I was then struck by … Continue reading

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Roots of the Nation: The Federalist Papers 85 (Ascribed to Alexander Hamilton) – Final Paper

To the People of the State of New York: ACCORDING to the formal division of the subject of these papers, announced in my first number, there would appear still to remain for discussion two points: “the analogy of the proposed … Continue reading

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