Boston Marathon: “They are dead down there.”

Once again we have been attacked. It is Patriot’s Day in Boston, Mass., the day of the Boston Marathon. Thousands of people line the streets looking for a sight of their loved one(s) running in the oldest marathon in operation. Unknown to either watchers or runners, Terror would soon raise its massive hand and strike.

It was just before 3:00 pm in Boston. The winners had long ago finished the marathon and now the majority of the runners – those who come in between the 3:30 runtime mark and the 4:30 runtime mark – has begun to run through the finish line arch. That’s when the Terrorists struck.

An explosion, appearing on video to rip out from a restaurant, belched flame and smoke at the marathon watchers lining that side of the street. The barricade and flags on the side started to fall; A runner in the marathon making his way in the street towards the finish line falls down, apparently hit by the concussion from the blast. But it wasn’t the end. It wasn’t even the end of the beginning. Within about 15-20 seconds a second explosion occurred. This one appears to have come out from a building near the Lennox Hotel and across from it.

As it became clear that these explosions occurred within seconds of each other, the original thought – that the explosions were from a faulty gas line or pipe – was subsumed by the realization that this was a planned attack. 2 or 3 people were reported dead and at least 100 people injured. But it still wasn’t the end.

Even as the injured survivors were taken to various emergency rooms, a suspicious device was found at a hotel. Bomb squad personnel, all of whom had been called in due to the previous explosions, exploded the device on a nearby street. Other devices were reported to be found in overhead walkways, though that remains unconfirmed at this time. Even that was not the end.

A third explosion occurred at the JFK Library. The report on this explosion first started occurring about an hour and a half after the first explosion. And that may be the end of it for now. A report at 5:27 pm indicates that this may actually be a fire at the Library and not an explosion.

So who caused it and why? We don’t know yet. It could be criminal thugs who are exceptionally idiotic, but I don’t think so. One of the reports that came out is that people caught in the explosion found pellets in the pockets of their clothing. One person reported it as a shotgun pellet but, as Shepard Smith of Fox News Channel observed, it was more likely to be a ball bearing, something that would cause fear. Fear is what every terrorist desires to cause in their victims. Mr. Smith is also the source of the quote for my title.

Something just coming out is that the police have a person of interest in custody who is currently being treated for burns. Whether that person is victim or perp remains to be determined.

Since the explosion, as might be expected, the city of Boston has shut itself down, including shutting down cell phone service to prevent a bomb being set off. All Bostonians have been asked to remain in their homes. Sports games have been cancelled. And other cities are preparing themselves for something to happen.

New York City, the city with the most experience with Terror in the United States, is on a high level of alert. There is extra security on the bridges and tunnels.Extra police will be patrolling the streets tonight.

So, why Boston? If it is indeed an attack from a foreign source, then it must be determined whether it is a nation or a group. If a group, as I suspect, then that group did their homework. Boston is the birthplace of American Independence, of the American Revolution, and thus of the United States of America. It would have the same significance among Islam jihadists, such as Al-Qaeda, as of someone attacking either the birthplace or burial place of Mohammed.

My prayers go out to all those who have been killed, injured or otherwise effected by what happened today. May God keep you in his tender mercy.

President Obama will speak at 6:10 pm EST

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