Dragon and Maddrax Intro

Dragon is a series I first read about in the pages of Perry Rhodan back in the 1970s. Perry Rhodan, a German Romanheft series (think of the American pulp magazines of the ’30s and ’40s) that was published by Ace Books from 1969-1979. I did not find any copies of Dragon at that pre-internet time, so I had little information beyond a “survivors of Atlantis” blurb. Fast forward to the early ’00s and I finally discover copies through eBay. I also discover the hardcover editions which re-edit the series for a more cohesive feel to the series. This is also around the time that I first learned about Maddrax. Both are fantasy-based, with Dragon a lot more based than Maddrax in traditional fantasy. Maddrax uses science fiction as a basis for its fantasy elements and starts off with one of the oldest tropes in 20th century sf – a man thrown from his time into a post-apocalyptic future. I hope that you will enjoy the chapters from both series that I will be posting here from time to time.


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