Back Again (and hopefully healthy!)

It’s been a very hectic year that has kept me from posting. Any long-time readers may remember that my sister-in-law had breast cancer last year – well the good news is that she appears to have beaten it, but it took a lot of time to get to that point. But then other members of my family started getting sick. In late September, my son’s excretion system just stopped excreting for nearly 2 weeks. It got to the point where the doctors at Kaiser did an Upper GI on him, but found nothing wrong. We’re still not certain what caused it, but about eight hours after the exam, he was able to push stuff out of his system. He’s been regular since that point.

That was followed in early November with my wife having a problem with her foot. The podiatrist we saw told us that she had Metatarsalgia across the second, third and fourth toes of her right foot. In addition, her big toe was showing signs of being arthritic. She had to take time off from work for two months and has only recently been back to work.

This necessitated a lot of time away from writing for me, obviously, and even more time away from my personal hobbies. All these other things had just tired me to the point where I couldn’t get restarted on my blogging. I’m still not really there, but I have enough items in my backlog that I may be able to get some much-needed rest and still produce a blog on a more-or-less daily basis. I will finish posting the remainder of the Federalist Papers before I start giving my take on political news again. I will also be posting some translations I’ve done of German pulp magazines. First up will be “Dragon – Son of Atlantis” #4, the point at which the series actually starts. It will be followed by “Maddrax – Earth’s Dark Future” #1. These are done strictly to get people interested in each series with a view to eventually getting either series or both published over here. Looking forward to a long run of blogging!


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