Phil Jennerjahn Doesn’t Get It . . . Again

Anyone who’s read Los Angeles area blogs has heard of Phil Jennerjahn. He is a relentless self-promotionalist for himself as a congressional candidate. A good quality for a candidate, but not necessarily one that fits Phil in his time blogging.

Case in point: Today he goes on a (mild) rant over a woman named Elizabeth Emken, autism activist and paid lobbyist running for the U.S. Senate  nomination against many other Republicans (and  Democrats). His peeve with her appears to be that she supports research into autism which has no apparent cure and which Phil obviously believes, according to his blog, makes her not a Conservative.

His main peeve is that she “paid for an endorsement of her Senate campaign” from the California GOP. His misunderstanding here is that she is not paying for an endorsement, but paying a filing fee to be considered for the California Republican Party’s endorsement. There is a difference here and it’s an important one.

According to the CRP’s own website, “Candidates eligible to seek endorsement are those who have completely submitted and signed the CRP Candidate Registration Form and paid the appropriate filing fee (U.S. Senate $500, State Senate $500, Congress $350, Assembly $250) by March 9th, 2012. In addition, candidates must file their candidate papers with their local elections offices as Party Preference Republican to be eligible for the endorsement.”

Since this is required of all candidates, it hardly means that Ms. Emken is paying for her endorsement. She is going through the same process that everyone seeking an endorsement must go through, as decided upon the by the CRP. This is the process that you must go through, however, and Phil Jennerjahn did not understand the workings of politics, again.

I have my own reservations about this process – it really seems to be more about raising money for the CRP than about endorsements. I did not seek to do it myself because 1) the original deadline was March 5, 2012, 2) I am not going to pay anyone or any group for an endorsement and 3) if you’re going to fundraise, call it a fundraiser, not a filing fee for endorsement consideration.


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