My Campaign: 3/9/12 Update – update

I will be out of the loop most of today as I am turning in my papers to the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder’s office in Norwalk today. I received a phone call on Wednesday that I was short 20 signatures on my papers for the 37th Congressional District race in California. I’ve worked hard the past two days to make up that deficit and I now have more than enough signatures – I just hope that there are enough valid signatures to overcome the difference. A big Thank You to my hair stylist, Myrna, who help gather signatures at her hair salon over the past two days.

In addition to my congressional papers, I am also turning in my papers for the CA 54th Assembly District Central Committee seat which, as of last night, had papers pulled by 13 people – the most I’ve seen in the past 6 years for this committee (previously the 47th AD Central Committee). As this is the last day to file, I expect the county office to be busy and I may not get back from it until after 5 PM. I will update later tonight on this same post.

Remember: It’s Time for REAL Change!

Update at 4:15 PM PST: I got a literal last minute call from Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder. It seems my petition fails by two signatures. I had a lot of bad signatures it seems – 22 – and when all the good signatures were counted, I failed by two. I don’t blame this upon anyone but myself. I can still go the write-in route, but it requires a hefty percentage of cast write-in ballots in June to put me onto the ballot for November. So although the congressional race is over for now, I am still in the running for 54th AD Central Committee and will certainly give that my all.


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