President Obama Dictates to Israel . . . Again

Word is coming out now that President Obama is willing to give Israel some so-called “bunker-buster” bombs, but only if they don’t attack Iran until the end of 2012. Although such a deal is being denied by Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, Israeli media is reporting it as a reality. Other reports say that such a deal was not actually done in any meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

I have serious reservations of ‘Dear Leader’ having the gall to dictate to any of our allies about its security. Those reservations become much more worrisome when the ally country involved is Israel. Israel has been under constant attack since the moment of its creation by the United Nations.

There have been many times when Israel has been under attack. The current threat by Iran and its nuclear ability is simply the most dangerous. If Iran has the capability, especially with today’s news that Iran is trying to hide traces of it having a nuclear trigger.

Sanctions haven’t worked with this rogue state. Diplomacy hasn’t worked. The only thing that will work against Iran and save Israel in this case is the heavy hand in a mailed glove. To have President Obama or someone in his administration say that Israel should put itself at OUR timetable for its survival betrays everything that we have worked for as a country for over 200 years. Obama won’t man up when the situation is like this and proves that he is undeserving of being re-elected outside of all the domestic problems he has caused. This November must see a new commander-in-chief and one who is deserving of the post.


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