Still Not Inevitable (Or Electable)

So, Rino Romney – or “Mittens,” as some have called him – has won another state. Bully for him – but it means little. He couldn’t even break past 40% of the vote this time. Many pundits have cried loud and often over the so-called spoiler candidates (Gingrich, Santorum and Paul), saying that if they weren’t in the race, Rino Romney would already have the nomination in the bag. And that is true – if you only look at Romney as a candidate.

If you look at the other candidates, you can’t help but wonder if Romney is the real spoiler candidate. I think it would a more dynamic field for Republicans where each of the candidates could have gotten a 50% share or more of the various state contests to date if it were not for Rino Romney. Then, there are all these polls showing that Romney always loses to President Obama in a general election. Granted that these polls are not the best thing to rely on at this moment, they are snapshots of the present and give credence to a future election.

I am personally hoping for a brokered convention that rallies around one of the non-Romneys (except Paul – his foreign policy is so far out of the mainstream that it’s beyond even thinking outside the box!). I would prefer Newt because Romney has been scared of him for months, as has the Washington GOP establishment and their allies. I could accept him having Santorum as a VP if it weren’t for the fact that Santorum has recently shown signs that he has Joe Biden’s foot-in-mouth condition.

In the end, it all boils down to our choice of an electable nominee, not the one who has the best hair. Newt has the brains, Paul understands finance and the economy, while Santorum has a mouth. And Mittens? Well, Mittens has the best hair among them, but is weak in everything else. If my only choice is between Obama or an Obama-like RINO, such as Romney, I would not vote for President in this cycle.


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