RINO Romney Wins Big – Or Did He?

According to all the pundits seen on the various channels around the country, you would be tempted to believe once again in “Mittens” Romney’s inevitable electability. There are very few people who, as I do, think that he can (hopefully!) still lose the primary season.

My reasoning on this is that Romney still has not broken the 50% vote barrier in any state and he probably won’t with 4 candidates in the race through at least Super Tuesday next week. He barely eked out a win against Rick Santorum in his home state of Michigan, 41% to 38%. Who knows, it could even be a repeat of Iowa where Santorum was the eventual winner. Not likely but stranger things have happened in presidential election years. I do expect Rino Romney to pull at least 50% in Virgina, given the mess that occurred with the ballot registration there.

Newt Gingrich will likely do better in the contests next week given his favored son status through most of the South, especially Georgia. Ron Paul continues to be every candidate’s spoiler. I still think he makes a better Treasury Secretary than President and believe that should be his role in any administration from the other candidates.

This includes Barack Obama who would be well-advised to get rid of Timothy Gleithner and put in Ron Paul. Paul has a better grasp of the economic issues involved and his appointment would let people believe (though it wouldn’t necessarily be true) that the President really does intend to be bi-partisan.

Both Huffington Post here and Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection here have good points to make about yesterday’s contests. Read and enjoy the pieces.


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