Algae ‘Gas.’ Really?

I am all for seeking out and finding alternative energy. I am also for taking the time to do it properly with rigorous testing so that the technology can prove out. To date, there have been too many rushes to the next great thing – wind power has done more harm to birds and hasn’t provided anything close to what its proponents claimed. Solar power has also been flawed. Its ‘success’ is only at about 25 percent, if that, at converting sunlight to energy. I would want solar technology to be able to convert, as a minimum, 50 percent of what it gathers into usable energy before putting it out onto a buyer’s market.

The downside of all this is the constant attempt by others to cash in on a tech that’s not completely truthful in what it does. We’ve seen this happen already with the Obama administration’s failure to adequately vet companies receiving loan monies from DOE and then going bankrupt like Solyndra.

The current high gas prices have their origins in Democratic policies and their constant refusal to buy time for alternative energy to improve. It’s a repeat of what happened in summer of 2008. The sensible solution would be to drill here – to reduce dependence upon overseas oil is just a side benefit to being able to produce our own supply as we once did.

And now President Barack “I Won” Obama has the solution to all our energy needs: Make gas from sea algae. Is there some scientific report I missed in the mainstream media that mentions this possibility? Or is it, as I believe, to be more likely, just another example of “Hope and Change” gone awry. Like Obamacare. Like the Contraception mandate. “Lookee here, folks, I’m gonna be the Prez what brung ya Freedom from Big Oil,” no matter what it costs and whom it hurts. It’s just another piece in the Democrat plan to make every person in the USA their Economic Slave. And that is a theme I’ve harped upon during previous congressional runs. The only way to stop Obama’s non-pipe dream is to get him out of office. Failing that, we must put enough Republicans/Tea Partiers into the House and Senate to stop his failing policies.

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2 Responses to Algae ‘Gas.’ Really?

  1. michael says:

    In response to your article, President Obama never said “sea” algae. I hate to burst your bubble but they have flew commercial planes, driven cars, ran container ships, destroyer ships, even a prius that gets 150 miles per gallon. So my question to you is are you trying to mislead your readers, or you just don’t do your homework before you write an article?

  2. Be fair now, he never specified what type of algae, did he? An assumption that it might be sea algae is perfectly correct given that he was, like so many other times, perfectly unclear in his speech. You state that “they” have flown planes, propelled cars and ships, but you don’t give any links to information on this. In addition, I doubt that algae is the primary source of energy for any of these machines. At best they might be test vehicles designed to prove that algae works as an energy source – and I seriously doubt that a Prius got 150 miles per gallon on any energy source. Unless I see some really convincing numbers – better than the ones used to ‘model’ so-called climate change – I will continue to believe that it is nowhere as good as ethanol. It also doesn’t change my view that we need gas and oil to tide us over until we can get alternatives to a fairly high degree of reliability for the technology. And to do that, we need to drill here and keep it here. We also don’t need to open the SPR in a vain attempt to keep gas prices down. Domestic production will do that and create jobs for the foreseeable future – ask any union member who got shorted out of the Keystone Pipeline by the Obama administration.

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