Prop. 8 Goes to the Supreme Court

In yet another ruling by everyone’s favorite, scratch-your-head, what-were-they-thinking, circuit court of appeals (the 9th), California’s Proposition 8 was confirmed to be unconstitutional. Big deal. It’s only what I have come to expect from this court. So it’s now on to the United States Supreme Court which will almost certainly hear the case.

Let me be clear on this point. I have no problem with homosexuals, of either gender, marrying each other – so long as they don’t call it marriage. Marriage is a specific societal, social and religious institution of a man and a woman deciding to live together, have children and raise those children to adulthood. A male homosexual couple cannot, in any sense, bear children. Nor can a female homosexual couple – at least not without help from someone who is male. Call it whatever you want, such as domestic union or partnership, but don’t call it marriage as it misses a fundamental aspect of being married.

Much has been made of societies in the past as endorsing homosexuality. That may be so, but consider this: All those societies that allowed it have fallen into the abyss of time. I rather suspect that it may be the same result here eventually.

I hope that SCOTUS takes a good long look at the facts of the case, but also consider the implications of making such a drastic change in American society. They did it before with Roe v. Wade and we are still paying the consequences for that particular mistake. We don’t need the Supreme Court to try and engineer American society with the “tyranny of the minority,” as one of the Federalist Papers puts it.


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