Clash in Syria

There has been a major military action going on for the past hour (as I type this around 10:19 PM Pacific Standard Time) in Syria. At the moment, the only word is coming out via twitter. It is occurring at Baba Amr. Video is coming out through Bambuser, but there has been some material appearing on YouTube that has been fairly graphic (although that may be from an earlier attack).

10 people are already dead and numbers are expected to rise. The attack reportedly began with the razing of h0mes while people were still in them! There are a lot of Arabic tweets mixed in with English tweets at #Homs at

A recent tweet from Revosisters: #Syria @obamafanblog @ObamaNews#Homs, Martyrs Dr.Ahmad and Mohammed Al-Homsi were slain by Assad’s gangs, Feb 5, 2012 This video is not for the squeamish. Fair warning is provided. More info to come.


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