Very Annoying

What I mean by my title is the constant attacks by liberals and conservatives on Newt. I know that the Democrats and the MSM want Rino Romney for their handpicked candidate, but conservatives really should know better. Those of us who are Republicans especially should know better. It generally has nothing to do with Newt personally, outside of the hit pieces produced on his second marriage and the idea that redemption is somehow a thing we no longer seek in ourselves.

The fact that he is under attack by the Beltway and establishment Republicans is at the same time very heartening to me. If the idea that you can know a person by the enemies they has any validity, then Newt, the torch-bearer of Reaganism (according to Nancy Reagan) is the best chance to help change things in Washington. Obama, the “won” who is always lecturing his Alinsky disciples, couldn’t face an opponent in either debate skills or government skills who has a better chance of defeating him.

And that is why the attacks by conservatives who want Rino Romney as their candidate should stop their attacks. Right now, they are hurting Republicans and conservatives alike with the ill-advised vindictiveness that only helps the Democrats. Should there be dissent? Yes, but the level of dissent is already approaching critical levels that will certainly prevent hiring – of any sort – in a Newt administration. Let the campaigns fight it out, AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO, without resorting to outside voices whose only purpose is to keep things as they are in Washington.

If you have seen my campaign website, then you have seen my slogan, “It’s Time for REAL Change!” I think Newt is going to be a force for change in Washington, unlike any of his opponents. He understands, as I do, that if there is going to be change then you have to control it or it will end up controlling you. We live with the best example of this every day in the ongoing changes wrought to our national fabric as a result of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society – Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act aside. We constantly are forced into being equal above all. This is not what the Founding Fathers wished. They wished equality of opportunity for all, yes, but not at the cost of our freedom. The American Revolution taught us that Freedom is to be prized above everything. As Ben Franklin is reputed to have said, “Those who give up Freedom to secure a little safety deserve neither freedom or safety.”

So what is the point of this ramble? If you want to attack a candidate, do so on matters of substance and political issues of the campaign. That is where you score the best points with the voters. Don’t do personal attacks as that is what drives people away from voting.


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