There was a Debate Last Night . . .

But it was certainly a strange one. Almost every response to the questions posed by Brian Williams and his co-moderators was, well, lackluster. I would say that overall Gingrich and Romney kept their place as the current frontrunners. Paul kept marginalizing himself with his foreign policy stance – though he would probably make a decent Secretary of the Treasury for whomever defeats Obama. Santorum is trying to gin up votes with his attacks on everyone and everything – at least that’s how it looked to me. There’s a strong chance that this will backfire on him though. I think he would make a fine VP candidate, but not a presidential one at this time.

Paul’s stance on foreign policy is especially strange with his bit about the ending of the cold war meaning that we should cozy up to Cuba, giving our relationships with China and Vietnam as reasons. He doesn’t seem to understand that the cold war didn’t end, it just shifted. Our cold war is now in the economic arena and not the military arena, though that can always change.

Rino Romney kept repeating his theme of Newt in disgrace, gotten from Ann Coulter, probably, despite all the evidence contrary – including a news video from CNN!

Newt could have reacted more but may be saving his energies for material worthy of his ability for scathing attacks. What Rino Romney threw at him last night really wasn’t worthy of such an attack. Romney himself seemed to be unable to distinguish between lobbying/influence peddling and consulting work. This may be why Newt looked  puzzled at Romney’s attack at his stance on Medicare Part D given that one of the Rino’s companies literally stole money from Medicare through fraud.

Still, all in all, a lackluster debate. None  of the candidates are helped or hurt by it. Hopefully the next Florida debate will have more fireworks moments.

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