Newt is Vindicated by CNN video – Take THAT Rino Romney!

The RINO known as Mitt Romney really must have an awful campaign staff. He keeps going out on this limb that Newt is a failed leader because of the ethics “investigation” he was forced to undergo because of Washington establishment politicos (of both parties) wanting to get rid of him.

What’s that you say? Newt was found guilty? Not of tax fraud according to the IRS. The only thing the ethics “investigation” found him guilty of was for making misleading statements to counsel. He paid $300,000 as a fine and resigned as speaker, but it was hardly under a cloud or failed leadership, no matter what the Democrats, and their new best pal, Rino Romney, might say. Professor Jacobson, over at Legal Insurrection, has a very nice blog on this, including the CNN report on Newt’s being cleared by the IRS. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, I will be looking forward to the first of the Florida debates and watching Newt skewer Rino Romney once again.


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