Perry Out of Race; Endorses Newt

The title says it all. What I’ve been waiting for to occur has happened. Rick Perry has finally decided to call an end to his oft-stumbling campaign today. I was hoping he would hold on through the South Carolina primary, if only to pull more votes away from Romney (however unlikely that might have been). He did one thing that makes me have some hope for the nominating race – he endorsed Newt Gingrich and it couldn’t come at a better time, given that an ex-wife is all set – once again – to derail Newt by airing her dirty laundry in public. I wonder how much the Democrats had to pay her to do so, or to ABC to air it just two days before the SC primary. There won’t be anything new there, just a rehash of her and Newt’s relationship and troubles. I think it could end up hurting her (especilly since Newt’s daughters are defending their dad) and helping Newt just in time for the primary.

Debate tonight which I will watch on CNN and I’ll keep a fairly close eye on the primary results Saturday.


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