New Hampshire Debate Results

Not surprisingly, the top three in the debate will also be the top three in the NH primary on Tuesday: Santorum, Gingrich, Romney (in no particular order). Perry will take 4th while Paul and Huntsman battle it out over who comes in last. Huntsman is my prediction for that. As bad and loony as Paul is in his foreign policy, it still beats someone who actually implemented Obama policies.

This of course takes us to South Carolina. Huntsman will be out at this point, I think, as he doesn’t have the support or the money – unless he magically comes in third on Tuesday. This will leave us 5 viable candidates – well, 4 viable candidates and Romney –  for Florida which has the most delegates at this stage of the primaries.

After Florida, if there is no clear candidate (which I hope is the case), there will be a six-week period during which I think the various campaigns will reassess their strategies and perhaps even their campaign. If Perry doesn’t come in third in SC, I think that will be it for him and the remaining 3 candidates (Paul will also fall here in a lackluster showing). I think Gingrich will come away with Perry’s supporters due to Romney and Santorum having worse baggage than him.

It will make for a very interesting primary season even as I make my try for congressional office in the California primary on June 5 of this year. I sign off tonight with my current campaign slogan: “Time for REAL Change!”


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4 Responses to New Hampshire Debate Results

  1. Terry says:

    Did you watch the debate. How do you come up with the top three? I’m Canadian and think I have a better perspective then this analysis>

  2. I did watch it, as a matter of fact, but it’s my personal choice, as is every choice in elections. Also, Paul got pretty hammered last night on his foreign policy stance. If he doesn’t fall in New Hampshire because of it, he will fall in SC. Huntsman has less of a chance of getting elected than Obama has of getting re-elected – and I put Obama well ahead of Paul in that respect. Perry is the real wild card for the next three primarys. Gingrich I put first because he has consistently shown, even when I didn’t want to approve of him, that he’s better prepared than Romney, who has been running for office for 20 years and only elected once – and didn’t bother running for re-election as Governor of Mass. Santorum is another wild card, but with his Iowa win, I still have to put him ahead of Romney and Perry. Don’t forget, Santorum had only worked the vote in Iowa for 1 year, while Romney had been working it since 2008 – too long a period, IMHO. Romney is too much a RINO for me to tolerate as a Republican Presidential candidate.

  3. Terry says:

    Thank you for your reply. I would like to say that I was very impressed with what Perry said on energy. I do stand behind Paul’s stance of foreign policy however I do understand that it is a very tough subject and people really have to decide what their country is suppose to represent. A tough call with so much intervention over such a long period of time.

  4. Unfortunately, the pundits then started to have fun with Perry over the energy reply. On This Weeka member of the Roundtable segment – I think it was Matthew Dowd – said that in a Romney White House, Perry would become Sec. of Energy and thus push himself out of a job. It may have been funny (I didn’t think it was as funny as Dowd and others thought) but it betrayed a continuing misunderstanding of what some of the candidates are fighting for.
    And then there was Donna Brazile going on with her annoying theme from last night of “I hope it’s Romney, Romney is beatable, Obama can win against Romney.” Don’t know why they have her when George S. does a better attack job as moderator of a debate!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting at the site! Hope to hear more from you as we head for the rest of the primary elections and the general.

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