Housekeeping . . . and other things.

Some slight housekeeping for the site today: removed some more low-performing (as of the Iowa Caucus) presidential campaigns today.

On the personal side, my sister-in-law has cancer. We had initially thought that the lumpectomy she underwent would have gotten all of it. This does not seem to have been the case. The doctors at Kaiser are saying that it is stage 2 breast cancer.

For the next six months she will be undergoing chemo, followed by radiation, followed by hormone therapies. My wife, my son and I all hope and pray that this will end in a successful cure. If you have some spare money, please donate it to the American Cancer Society or a similar group.

I will be picking up my petition papers for this year’s congressional run. My website for the run has been paid for and will be up and running in the next week or so. the url will be Look for it to go active on the link site soon.


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