Posting Update . . . and Comment Reminder

Blogging will be a little on the light side this week as I am volunteering at the book fair at my son’s school every day this week. Posting is expected to be rather light as well for the next month and a half, but only partially due to the holidays. My sister-in-law has stage 1 breast cancer which will be operated upon next Tuesday. Following that, the hospital wants her to spend a month recovering and she will be doing this with my family. I do expect the “Roots of the Nation” series to continue and perhaps even finish up the  Federalist Papers in this timeframe. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

A reminder to all who post here: trolling is not allowed. Also not allowed is using this site to promote your site by (true story here) writing comments that praise my writing for a Federalist Papers posting and including your web address. These will be ruthlessly deleted.


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