OWS Does Not Speak for me and Neither Does Leo Gerard!

Readers of this blog know that I do not support OWS or its goals, and why I don’t. Their behavior should make most law-abiding citizens be wary of them at the very least. The list of their backers and endorsers reads like a list of the bad and the ugly in American society (apologies to Sergio Leone).

I list these points because United Steelworker International president Leo Gerard, on Ed Schultz’s radio show has called for them to be more militant – and if they aren’t, well, unions will be glad to pick up the slack.

Here’s the story from Newsbusters. Frankly, the attitude of this union president makes me sick. I want to see an OWS group occupy his house and see how he likes it – which would only be logical since he is of the 1%.


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