Waiting for More Info on Cain Charges

Too many people, in the blogosphere and out, have already convicted Herman Cain of sexual harassment. Admittedly, Cain has not been the best defender against the Politico bloodhounds who have released this story in drips and drabs to avoid being tainted by the brush of blame. But they are to blame, along with every so-called mainstream media outlet who have not done their own due diligence on the story.

I don’t know the truth of the story and neither does Politico. They have made accusations based on nothing more than hearsay in an effort to do a hatchet job on one of the presidential aspirants. Which is to say that there is motive by the Left to not have a conservative become President, let alone a black conservative. This point has been made by Mr. Cain as well.

As for me, I am withholding any judgement on the matter, which is 20 years old and under a judicial seal, until actual information is revealed. Is it sexual harassment or is it something else akin to the tactics used by the left to take down Meg Whitman during the California gubernatorial race in 2010? Was it non-sexual inappropriate gestures/words (whatever that means) or something more? We won’t know unless the seal is lifted or BOTH sides speak out. To do anything more than that is to continue to cheapen the political discourse of the nation.


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