The Obama Zombie E-mail

It’s not often that I find myself in a position where I have to pass along a link to a Huff Post story but this is one. The story is about the Virginia – and I hope all other central committees – GOP’s reaction to the Loudon County committee’s Halloween e-mail which featured President Obama as a zombie with a bullet hole in his head. As the Too Conservative blog put it:

Like him or not he is the legitimately elected the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of our armed services in a time of war.  THIS IS DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL.  Someone should send this to the US Secret Service.

It does not come down to quite the same level as the more racist “chimp” e-mail does, but it comes close. This sort of behavior is exactly what is wrong with political discourse today. We would rather just bad-mouth or ridicule someone than try to talk about our differences. I point out what I think are specific things wrong with the Democrat who represents me in Congress, and I do it not because she’s a Democrat but because I think her viewpoints are wrong and I need to make voters aware of that.

It’s way past the time where we need to better the language of our political discussions.


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