OWS, LA Edition – Updated

Continuing a look at the Los Angeles edition of the Occupy Wall Street, PajamasMedia has this story. The Citizen Journalist known as Ringo has also looked at the calls to violence and the emerging anti-Semitism that has cropped up there. See also my earlier post about the anti-Semitic teacher who is part of Occupy LA.

Thanks to Legal Insurrection for the tip from their “Post of the Day.”

UPDATE – 11:19 am

Phil Jennerjahn, who first made his mark (yeah, right) in Los Angeles politics by running for Mayor and losing badly, apparently doesn’t understand the right to free speech. On his blog today, in reference to the firing of the substitute teacher for her anti-Semitic remarks, he writes:

Even though I think McAllister is an idiot for having Anti-Semitic opinions, I can’t justify her being fired for exercising her right to protected, political free speech.

Free speech, as Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes noted, doesn’t mean you get to yell “FIRE!” in a closed environent, such as a theatre. Free Speech gives you the right to dissent peacefully, but not the right to espouse hatred of a group of people or to call for violence against a group – and that IS what has happened here. Phil needs to take a break from running for every office under the sun and perhaps take a course in Cons. Law 101. Perhaps he just forgot that we now have hate crimes legislation on the books. It wasn’t the fact that she had anti-Semitic opinions, it’s that she was very vocal about them . . . on video, TWICE. How could anyone trust their kids to her when she might poison their minds with hatred of a group of people? Please answer that question, Phil.


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