More Racism at the OWS Kibbutz – From Los Angeles Teacher

I reported just the other day about the anti-Semitism showing up at OWS sites and the response to it from the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Legal Insurrection has quite a few stories on these “30 percenters” and so does Michelle Malkin. Now word comes – from AOL Jobs – of further anti-Semitism cropping up, this time coming from someone who teaches our kids.

As I’ve noted before, I do not abide ANY sort of racism. I find it morally reprehensible and the cause of too much hate in the world. I find it particularly bad when the racism is of a group that has been hounded throughout recorded history, almost rendered extinct in modern times, and comes from a member of a group who have been victims of racism as well.

The teacher in question is a substitute day-to-day teacher employed at will by the LAUSD who has since been fired by the school district. I don’t think even UTLA, the major teacher’s union of Los Angeles, will try to get her job back. Not even considering that the teacher is black. She tried to justify her racism on both Reason.TV and, more locally, Los Angeles TV station KTLA.

And this brings up the problem with the OWS so-called “movement.” It appears to be made up almost entirely of Nanny State Entitlement-seekers who want President Obama’s promised redistribution of wealth (remember Joe the Plumber?). They call themselves the 99%, but I would dispute that. I think they are more like the 37% or so who don’t pay taxes at all, yet still expect to get money from the public teat. The movement doesn’t appear to have people who actually WORK! Well, aside from the reported Security Committee in one city that is trying to make its own laws alongside the laws of the city they are trying to occupy.

I have been out of a paying job for nearly 10 years, but I don’t try to say that the government OWES me money simply because I have no job. I manage to find ways to keep my body and mind and soul together. I am a househusband. I am the one who takes primary care of my son. I went to college off and on during the first 6 years after losing my job. I ran for Congress in a heavily Democratic district even though I knew I would lose because if you want to affect any change, you do it from within the system. I took up blogging because it gives me a voice to cry in the wilderness, even when most don’t hear that voice. It’s like Don Quixotes’ “Impossible Dream,” you must be “willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.” Those who play a race card are only interested in whatever power or money they may derive from those they dupe into following or believing in them. Whether they are an Al Sharpton, who still refuses to recant over his role in assigning the blame for the rape of a black girl on Jewish people, or someone venting venomous speech against anyone or group they dislike, they need to be stopped.


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2 Responses to More Racism at the OWS Kibbutz – From Los Angeles Teacher

  1. Just heard Al Sharpton say he would not vote for Herman Cain if he ran against a white guy. Who’s the racist now Al?

  2. That, er, “pales” in comparison to what the Congressional Black Caucus is doing. As has been noted on different blog sites, one of the reasons for the CBC’s existence is to promote black legislators. It is not doing this in Allen West’s case, indeed they are standing behind a white Democrat. John Lewis is reportedly going to rally up support for this man, all because Allen West has the audacity to be the CBC’s only Republican member. He’s not a Democrat, so they have no way to guilt or race trip him onto doing what they want. I think it’s time for MORE Republicans in the CBC so that it can become less effective as a tool of the Democratic party and return to its original stated purpose.

    One question I would have to ask Al Sharpton: If Cain were running against Obama, who would you vote for? The plain speaker who can get things done, or the flowery orator who can’t even get a budget passed.

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