Stop the OWS “30 Percenters”

It isn’t news to those of us who blog, but seems to be to those in the MSM: about 30 percent of the people involved in Occupy Wall Street (substitute whatever city is near you for Wall Street as needed) seem to be anti-Semitic, sometimes rabidly so. We have seen the American Nazi Party give its blessing to the OWS movement so one can hardly be surprised by this. Both the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have posted releases decrying those who are furthering their agenda of hatred. The Wiesenthal link will be updated when I can find the full essay they have only partially posted.

It is perhaps a good time to remind all that the hatred being stirred up will take a long time to settle down, especially with the American Nazi Party and others willing to pour their vitriol onto an audience willing to believe how bad the vile things being said.

People who read me know I have a low tolerance for racism. I have not been commenting on all the other racist utterances of late because others have done a better job than I at commenting upon it. But I do ask all who read this to take a stand against what the OWS “30 Percenters” are doing. Free Speech is protected, but Hate Speech that incites violence is not.

Hat tip to Legal Insurrection for their story on the essay pieces posted at the Wiesenthal website.


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