Adding Newt to Campaign List; Current Nominee Choice

I admit it. I really did not think Newt Gingrich would survive his vacation cruise trip at the start of the campaign or the loss of his campaign staff at the same time. Yet he is now sounding like the senior statesman that a lot of pundits and bloggers were expecting him to be. I still don’t think he has a real shot at the nomination, but I do think he has a shot at the other spot on the GOP’s top-tier ticket. It is for that reason that I am now putting him onto the Campaign sidebar.

With Sarah Palin having made her decision not to run, I have been looking at the field to see who else might get me to vote for them. So far, Herman Cain is the one that I’m leaning toward. He has a take no prisoners attitude that we don’t really see in politics anymore. I’m not that crazy for his tax plan, but it looks better than what anyone else has proposed.


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