How Long Until Day 1095?

This is a key question in the budget/debt ceiling/deficit debates for that will signal the end of the third year that Democrats have not put forth a budget while shooting down all Republican attempts to deal with the crisis. Democrats soon may not have a choice. Senator Harry Reid reportedly took a bipartisan deal to President Obama that would have started the process, but because there were no new taxes in it the President said no deal. This is a very telling point.

Up to now, the Democrats have been accusing the Republicans of being the ones causing the possible default. Now, however, we are seeing that it is the President who is causing the real logjam – and it is starting to cause a real headache for the Democrats. They have now been put in the position of needing something, anything, that will help take care of the debt ceiling and the head of their own party is the one forcing them into this position.

It’s an untenable one for Democrats. They are caught in a catch-22 position with no way out. The President’s constant harangues showing his lack of leadership during his press conferences are not much help either. With time quickly running out, the Democrats are going to be forced to go against Obama and pass some sort of legislation on the debt just so they can start on the budget. And he may have just ticked them off enough that they will override any veto he has promised to make


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