Even HuffPo Democrats Don’t Understand They Caused The Budget Mess

Here’s my comment, just posted at HuffPo/AOL in reaction to a story that other were commenting upon.

So what’s all the crying and gnashing of teeth by Democrats about? They’ve got exactly what they sowed by not putting together a budget that coud have taken care of this when they STILL HAD CONTROL OF CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE! It’s been well over 800 days since they even put together a budget. The only ones doing the work of government are the Republican­s. They have twice put forth budgets in the house only to have them shot down by, wait for it, the Democratic­-controlle­d Senate. Oh, and if it should have even passed, President Obama threatened to veto it.

Yeah, we know who really wants to do something about the budget mess. How long before day 1095 passes without any serious proposal by the Democrats on this? They totally own what’s happened, especially the president who whines about not getting his way, not the Republican­s.

Even with Speaker Boehner facing revolt from some of the Tea Party freshmen representatives, he and the Republicans are still the only ones who have tried to do the hard work involved in resolving this mess.


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