An Unknown Enters the GOP Field

Yesterday, Thaddeus McCotter, congressional representative from the state of Michigan, threw his hat into the Presidential ring. I do not know much about this person as he is not known as a player on the national level. So here’s your chance to enlighten me and those who read this blog. Tell us about Thaddeus McCotter. As always, spam and trolls will not be tolerated on this site. Serious comments only.

Also, a slight update for the site. Starting tomorrow, I will be running the Constitution article by article on this site, one article each day. When I get to the amendments, they will be listed five at a time. I’m still deciding whether to go on to the Federalist Papers after that. This is all in an effort to make sure that people understand the founding documents of our country. When that is all finished, I may put up the Articles of Confederation – this nation’s first constitution – for comparison with the Constitution. I have previously posted the Declaration for everyone’s reading pleasure.


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