Michelle Bachman Joins GOP Field and Debate

Michelle Bachmann during last night’s CNN GOP debate announced that she had filed paperwork with the FEC to run for president. It’s not a crowded field by any means, but it’s not shaping up to be an interesting field.

Newt Gingrich has effectively taken himself out of the race with his words condemning the Ryan Budget plan, his actions by going on vacation when he had barely started campaigning and by the loss of his campaign staff – some of whom had been with him for many years. Unless he can prove that he’s serious about his candidacy, he remains off the “Campaigns” list.

Tim Pawlenty wimped out last night and is spending today campaigning to fix last night’s debacle. He had the most to win from this debate with his earlier “Obamneycare” reference, but never followed it up in the debate itself.

Ron Paul is the same as he ever was – the USA must become isolationist.

Mitt Romney tried to have it both ways, seeking to be on both sides of an issue – though this is more of his political life than of any debate performance. He also was the MSM’s darling for last night due to his being places in the middle of the seven candidates. Several times another candidate would be answering a question, but the camera shot would conveniently include a shot of Romney as well. The MSM is just setting him up for a fall.

Rick Santorum, at least to me, came off as pretty bland. I’m not sure if he’s presidential material or just a firebrand

Gary Johnson, a former governor, is still too much of an unknown quantity at this point. He needs to work on that if he truly wants to be in this race.

Herman Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, probably made the worst showing of his campaign to date. He continued to harp upon the “muslim terrorist” issue and was really unprepared for, well, anything else. Even then, he managed to mess up on THAT question as well. He needs to be better prepared and organized for a presidential fight. Also, still a relative unknown to most people at this point.

These are the main contenders for the GOP nomination at this time, but there i still a long way to go before Iowa next year and this list could certainly change before then. I still have hopes that Sarah Palin will enter the race and shake up everything.


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