Trying and Failing to Avoid Another Weinergate Post

Sigh. I tried to avoid it, but something just keeps coming along in the Anthony Weiner scandal and fiasco. We now have someone from The Daily Beast defending Weiner by saying “Nobody’s perfect.” Gee, moron, I would never have known that. Read it anyway; we can then all laugh at this Weiner apologist.

The problem is that Weiner’s behavior goes well beyond any criteria of a “nobody’s perfect” defense – assuming you could even put together such a defense. As we became aware over the course of Friday, there was indeed an underage girl – 17 years old and a high school junior – who had been twittering with Weiner. This gave immediate lie to his claim of no one being underage. A spokesperson today then claimed that Weiner had said that nothing inappropriate had taken place. The New York Times misstated this “nothing inappropriate” as being said by the spokesperson and not Weiner.

I have to disagree with this spokeperson’s statement. Weiner has shown that he, who wanted a internet sexual predator law, is nothing more than a predator himself. Sexual harassment may now be the least of his worries as he may face sexual predator charges as well.

And yet, the silence of the women of the left, who are oh so quick to denounce anyone not of their political persuasion, remains deafening – with the exception of Kirsten Powers. As is the silence of his wife, Huma Abedin. I think it may be the middle of next week, at the latest, before we know if she will or won’t stand by her “man.”


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