Weiner’s Problems . . . er, Mount Up (bad phrasing, I know) – Update

Rep. Anthony “The Whiner” Weiner continues to have problems. He gave his press conference on Monday where he admitted to the incident that was originally claimed to be hacking. Nancy Pelosi called for an Ethics Committee investigation. Tuesday came the news that Senator Harry Reid would refuse to take any calls from Weiner. Wednesday came the reveal of a photo via an AP report purported to be of his naked “junk.”  And continuing through all of this is the call from members of both parties for the embattled Representative to step down.

Will Anthony Weiner do the right thing and do so or will he continue to embarrass himself and his party? Here’s what I said on Monday in Weinergate: The Truth Will Out:

Will he step down voluntarily? Probably not. Like most Democrats, he will hang on for as long as he can unless something stops him cold. One could argue that of most politicians, but most have the good sense of at least being discrete (by DC standards) and not letting “it” hang out for all to see.

Will voters refuse to send him back to Congress? Hopefully. This is a hard one to call, but I think that even his local party machine has had enough of the media circus he created over his repeated gaffes. I think they will bring someone else in to try and hold the seat.

My reasons above have not changed. Nor has my advice to all politicians:


Update: 6:57 AM

Along with everything else, it seems that Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, may be pregnant as well. However, no one has actually been in contact with her to verify this.


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