Weinergate: The Truth Will Out – Updated at 4:32 PM PDT

So, it’s happened. Anthony Weiner has now told the truth and revealed that he did send the photo of his “junk” via Twitter. As. A. Joke. What can we now expect of him and the DNC chair who defended him on a so-called “personal matter?”

Will he step down voluntarily? Probably not. Like most Democrats, he will hang on for as long as he can unless something stops him cold. One could argue that of most politicians, but most have the good sense of at least being discrete (by DC standards) and not letting “it” hang out for all to see.

Will voters refuse to send him back to Congress? Hopefully. This is a hard one to call, but I think that even his local party machine has had enough of the media circus he created over his repeated gaffes. I think they will bring someone else in to try and hold the seat.

Will Debbie Wasserman-Schultz now try to spin this again into a non-event despite people on both the left and right being proved right about Weiner’s wiener? She has probbly been the oddest thing about this whole affair. I realize that as the chair of the DNC she had to put up some defense for him, but to call it personal went beyond the pale. By doing this, she betrayed every woman’s movement no matter what their political beliefs.

Will the House Ethics Committee punish him for the lies he constantly told and the behavior ill-befitting a member of Congress that he’s demonstrated? Given how slow they have been over Charlie Rangel, even if he did finally face some minimal punishment, and Maxine Waters over their individual lapses in ethics I doubt we will see anything soon, certainly not before he leaves office at the end of the 2012 campaign.

Will a sexual harrassment lawsuit be filed against him by Emily Miller of the Washington Times or any of the other women who have been the victim of his womanizing ways? One could only hope so, especially given how the Washinton Times reporter was treated by her own fellow at one of Weiner’s pressers.

Legal Insurrection and Michelle Malkin both have interesting stories on this turn of development.

Update: Even Nancy Pelosi can’t stand this sleazeball any more. Politico, via link at Drudge Report, is reporting that she wants an Ethics Committee inquiry into Weiner’s actions. Additionally, Rep. Steve Israel, chair of the DCCC, supported the former speaker’s call for inquiry. Story link is here.


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