Weinergate Continues as a “Real” Story (Sorry Katie Couric)

Despite the MSM’s constant attempt to ignore Democratic sexual blunders, such as Katie Couric asking if this were even a real news story, Rep. Anthony Weiner continues to be an embarassment for all in politics on the right and left. The aptly named Weinergate, or should it be “Wienergate,” continues on with Rep. Weiner continuing his relentless onslaught upon the media and his verified lies to all. The MSM should not even be giving this guy a free ride, but they are – even at the expense of fellow members of the press.

Michelle Malkin’s “The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill” has been updated several times since its original publication on June 3. Most important are the updates concerning his so-called hacked account.

Over at Pundit&Pundette, “A Noble Sentiment” talks about the humiliation that Washington Times reporter Emily Miller suffered this past week from Rep. Weiner’s “stiff”-ness and male member related jokes.

This is shameful on Rep. Weiner’s part, but the other reporters bear some guilt on this as well, since, according to Fox News (via Matthew Archbold at Creative Minority Report), the other reporters were laughing at the so-called jokes.

I would hope that Ms. Miller file some sort of sexual harassment suit against the Representative and that his constituents remove him from office if Congress doesn’t do it for them.

Finally, Legal Insurrection takes a look at DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s defense of Weiner and Weiner-/Wienergate. One thing’s for sure, anyone trying to defend this whiner is going to end up looking like a wiener.



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