Weiner and Weinergate: Finally Crossing the Line

I had been content not having to blog on this topic and happily leaving it to others. But Rep. Weiner finally cross the line today, forcing me to actually take notice of what he has done. The first thing I have to say to him is – and it’s true of any politician in a sex-linked scandal regardless of the party a politician belongs to – KEEP YOUR DAMNED PANTS ZIPPED UP!!!

The line he crossed is covered at length in an update at Michelle Malkin, but it involves making a sexual-related joke and then several jokes about the male member. As Washington Times reporter Emily Miller tweeted, “I need a shower.”

I absolutely detest any politician who can’t keep their pants closed and deny their sexual misconduct. It’s time for his constituents to recall him and for the House Ethics Committee to investigate his conduct.

Update: Legal Insurrection is conducting a poll on whether Rep. Weiner will resign before his term is up in 2012. Also corrected Weiner’s last name, although I think the “wiener” appellation is more correct under the circumstances.


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