Today’s Sarah Palin Post: The MSM is a Train Wreck Looking to Happen

Today I have not one, not two, but four links to stories about the MSM pursuit of Sarah Palin as she continues on her “One Nation” bus tour.

A commenter at Michelle Malkin suggests that the MSM be followed by a “waaahmbulance.” Read “Chasing Sarah.” All the way to Iowa and just in time for her movie.

Legal Insurrection’s post is titled “Follow the Leader.” Which is all the MSM can do at this point – and I don’t see Sarah Palin easing up on this any time soon.

Pundit&Pundette have a video link to Charles Krauthammer doing his pontifical best to discourage Palin followers. Read and see “Krauthammer on Palin.” I think Mr. Krauthammer is the one who needs schooling in Palin 101.

Not to be outdone, The Los Angeles Times has their own take on what it means: “Sarah Palin’s bus tour steals spotlight from GOP presidential candidates.” If you look at the link, you may note that this is also called “Palin analysis.” They also have several stories following what she did yesterday, including her pizza with former non-candidate Donald Trump.

I can already hear that waaahbulance.


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