Obama’s Budget A Complete Washout

After more than 750 days without passing a budget, the Democrats proved they still haven’t got what it takes to pass one – not even when it’s from the leader of their party!

On a vote of 0 yeas and 97 nays, the President’s February budget finally died into the flames that had waited for it since its unveiling. Harry Reid supposedly organized this vote to prove something to the Republicans in Congress. I don’t know what unless it’s something along the lines of “It doesn’t matter who’s in charge, we ain’t gonna pass a budget.” Which sort of defeats the whole purpose of this pointless exercise.

If it was to show how much clout he wields over Senate Democrats, well . . . kind of knew that one already.

If he keeps this us, Punch-Drunk Harry may soon find himself leading from a minority position in the Senate. This just smells of desperation by the Democrats to try and seize both the momentum and the message. I don’t think it’s going terribly well so far.


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