Top Democrat Plays Race Card on Obama’s Behalf

Once again the Democrats have shown they have no shame when it comes to belittling their opponents, even when that opponent is the American public. First, Harry Reid uses the standard class warfare card by indirectly attacking Paul Ryan’s budget plan, calling for an end to the “ideological mission to end Medicare.” Michelle Malkin rightly calls this tactic of frightening seniors “Mediscare.”

Then James Clyburn, the co-number 2 or co-number 3 (but like Avis, he tries harder!) in the Democratic side of the House, becomes just the latest to play the race card to say that most of President Obama’s political problems are the result of racism and not Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s own ineptitude.

The truth of the matter is that Obama and the Democrats have badly manhandled almost every single agenda item that’s been on their legislative table. They managed to make their own political agenda become a political morass and Obama has been absolutely hamfisted in most of his attempts at being an international statesman. From giving the Queen of England an ipod filled with his own speeches and other Obamabilia to actually needing a history lesson taught to him on live televison by the Prime Minister of Israel, Obama’s shown us that he is actually worse in the diplomatic arena than he is in the domestic one. Here, he only had to worry about pushing through very unpopular legislation and it only hurt the Democrat’s standing with the voting base. Internationally, however, he’s managed to make every ally America has ever garnered to become nervous about being associated with the shoddy lawyer who runs the most powerful country.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the Harry Reid reference and to McClatchy for the story on Clyburn (via Drudge).

Earlier stories on this race card trend are here in Tavis Smiley, Ed Schultz and Whoopi Goldberg.

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